Camille Playhouse would love     your support!


The Camille Playhouse has been “bringing Broadway to Brownsville” since 1964. It is home to an amazing community of actors, artists, patrons, supporters, and volunteers. It brings together generations through art, music and culture; allowing them to spread their wings while inspiring younger generations.

COVID-19, social distancing, quarantining, closing of businesses, and the shelter-at-home orders it has necessitated, has had a devastating effect on our theatre. Without the regular Spring & Summer income streams we consistently enjoy this time of year, the legacy of our theatre and its overall financial health are in jeopardy. Our Board & Staff are working diligently, taking necessary steps to ensure the survival of our community theatre through this pandemic. However, even after life gets “back to normal” it is questionable as to when our playhouse will return to its prior state. As we wait for a vaccine or a cure, we also prepare for a long and hard summer and fall seasons.

We are working to minimize expenses to the greatest extent possible. This GoFundMe campaign is being launched to help fund basic operations and overhead. We hope any financial support we receive will help see us through this crisis and ensure the ability of the theatre to startup operations again when possible. The value of the culture and art which Camille Playhouse brings to our community is unquestionable. We hope we can count on your support to ensure the legacy of Camille Playhouse, and a day when we will be able to welcome you back into the theater.