The Camille Players, Inc. will be hosting Virtual Auditions for a live performance in December 2020. We are taking precautions as we approach the possibility of re-opening our doors in 2021, and seeking healthy and capable performers for a medium sized choral ensemble of 20 - 32 qualified singers. 


As you consider auditioning for the Camille Chorus, please note that due to restrictions, we are taking extreme precautions for the health and safety of our Board of DIrectors and Volunteers, including you! Please be sure to review and agree to the expectations listed in this notice and additional informational notices regarding this special event. 


please e-mail your audition and completed required questionnaire to: by Friday, November 13th 2020. Those successfully passing the audition process will be notified over the weekend and will be expected to begin the rehearsal process on Tuesday, November 17th. 


In your recorded audition, please include the following: (consider using a program like QUICKTIME and recording from a laptop or similar electronic device)


  • Be sure that your surrounding environment/recording space will allow for your best recorded audition experience

  • articulate your First and Last Name

  • Voice Part (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass), if possible

  • Choral Music Experience

  • Can you read vocal music?

  • Can you read instrumental music? 

  • Can you play the piano? 

  • Sing "Happy Birthday" a cappella

  • Sing 1-2 minutes of an accompanied (karaoke style) selection that best showcases your voice and range